Sleeping With Sirens by averyfiftal on Flickr.

The Ghost Inside 

I will never get over that face omg

So I haven’t been on tumblr in forever so I’ll update you guys that give a shit c:

Went to SILYMI a few weeks ago, met and talked with Chris from LMTF and Xander from Secrets. I spent half of the entire show in the air, crowd surfing. And during Stick Stickly I was surfing and some big motherfucker pushed me up from my thighs and I ended up doing a backflip, landing it on people’s hands, and kept going. Amazing night. Now I’m hoping to go to All Star’s soon if I can find a ride.

Also, if anyone needs someone to talk to, or would like to talk to me or something, please, just drop me an ask :)

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